Hello all,

My name is Matt and this is my first blog. I have wanted to start one for a long time but never really had a subject that I was an expert in. I still don’t but I figured why do I need to? The more I post, the more comments I will receive, and eventually I will learn all I need to know from you all.

My blog will include myself and hopefully eventually my wife, as she will be involved with Diamonds training and showing.

The purpose of this blog is to get our story out with the intention it will bring some marketing and exposure when we start breeding.

A little about my family. We live in beautiful Eau Claire, Wisconsin (though it is hard to appreciate with the snow we have received this winter) so alot of our pictures are snow ridden. We live in a small ranch style that we purchased 4 years ago before we got married. It has a deep back yard where the dogs have plenty of room to run and play.

Now the dogs, Diamond is currently 1 year old, we originally were interested in getting a guard dog last fall. A good friend of mine had plans to get into breeding. He had a GSD that he purchased through a kennel in Illinois I believe. He bred his GSD and had a litter last year.  With several dogs he was housing, he was looking for ways to lessen his financial burden. It just so happens my wife had trained and shown her family pets as a child so I made a proposal. We would take a dog and run it through obedience classes, training classes, and eventually show it to get his breed name out there. This also gave us a large intimidating dog to watch over our family. Win, win right? So far so good.

Our other dog is Fender, she is a mixed breed beagle, I believe she has basset blood as well. She is 7 and was my wife’s from a previous marriage. She is extremely over weight and has some character flaws as well as some signs of inbreeding. She is our baby still and we will care for her till the end. My wife wanted another dog and i told her when Fender passes I will be getting a working dog that will have purpose other than comforting and companionship. We both got our wish and that was Diamond.

We started diamond in an obedience course that was snowed out for three weeks and eventually cancelled. We are starting again next week and hoping everything goes well. Stay tuned as we will update with her progress as the weeks go by.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.

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